Marketing Director

Advanced Media Analysis and Planning

During my senior year at the University of Utah, I served as the Marketing Director in a class challenging us to create a marketing campaign and strategy for the Lowell Bennion Center, a volunteer organization at the University of Utah. In this role, I was in charge of a team of five other students. Our role was to develop an effective marketing campaign to help them reach more students to volunteer at the Bennion Center. We served as the main contact for the Bennion Center and assessed their needs. We were in charge of research, and conducted surveys with students on and off campus to discover new ways to increase volunteer engagement through social media, and successfully developed a marketing campaign that fit the organizations needs.

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Associate Director of Marketing

Associated Students of the University of Utah

As the Associate Director of Marketing, I was in charge of developing effective marketing strategies to get students more involved on campus by advertising for large events, such as
ASUU’s Annual RedFest Fall Concert and The Grand Kerfuffle Spring Concert, the largest events at the University of Utah. I coordinated and recruited a team of 15 volunteers to help with marketing distribution throughout campus and with the help of volunteers, we were able to distribute marketing materials campus-wide and increase attendance in events significantly by strategizing the best places to advertise for events.


Marketing and Public Relations Associate

Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute

The Lassonde Institute is a nationally ranked hub for student entrepreneurship and innovation at the University of Utah. I worked as a Marketing and Public Relations Associate for the Institute. 

When I began at Lassonde, I was an ambassador for the Institute. I interviewed students and faculty about their innovative ideas and projects which were then published in several annual University of Utah publications. 

As my responsibilities evolved, I became the Assistant Editor for the publication, Student Innovation @ the U, where I led the copy writing, copy editing, content design, and creation of the social media campaign for the publication.

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